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SEC: the first western communication Company on the Iranian market

Just seven days after the green light that the United Nations Security Council gave to the entry into force of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear power, SEC Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Iranian Company PAT to provide support to its current and potential clients on the Iranian market, which was recently opened following the Joint Plan of Action and the consequent lift of the sanctions.

The green light to the agreement signed by the United States and the European Union will bring important business opportunities in an economy that is already worth 400 billion dollars and on a stock market worth 100 billion dollars. International observers estimate that just in the first year post-sanctions about 1 billion dollars will be invested in Iran.

The Iranian Republic, second producer of natural gas in the world and third producer of oil, is a country with a population that is slightly less than 80 million people and an economic dimension that is greater than that of the United Arab Emirates and of Thailand.

Cesare Valli, Managing Director of SEC, commented: “SEC is particularly happy to announce this strategic agreement so to be able to support all Italian companies interested in Iran and, through our network, those European companies that might need assistance in the areas of public affairs and institutional relations on this very important market that opens to the world.”

 “This new agreement – explains the President of the Group Fiorenzo Tagliabue is an additional step of the internationalization strategy that SEC has started and that will continue with determination also in the next months. We can look at these countries, and in general at the Near and Middle East, with serenity, as in these years we have invested in assets specialized in Islamic culture, language and finance.”

Hamidreza Amininasab, Managing Director of PAT, comments the agreement as follows: “Our company has been operating successfully for many years on the Iranian market, in the United Arab Emirates and in Italy, facilitating business exchanges with Iran and providing strategic consultancy and training to companies. Through this strategic agreement with SEC, we broaden the sphere of our services in the field of communication consulting, increasing also the operational capability of the European countries in which SEC operates. Together, we can value even more the great business, social and cultural opportunities that this market opening will bring.”

The agreement is effective immediately and makes SEC and PAT privileged spokespeople for all companies, organizations, institutions and people that have an interest in discovering the new opportunities that will arise as a consequence of this historic development.

SEC Group closed 2014 with a consolidated financial statement of more than 21 million euros and an Ebitda equal to 12,5%. It operates in Europe with the supervised Cambre SA in Brussels and ACH Cambre in Madrid and, in Italy, with HIT servizi per la comunicazione, SEC and Partners and Curious Design.

PAT is a Group of independent companies that operates in Italy, Iran, and UAE. It is the only authorized reseller for Expo Milan 2015 in Iran, and has served more than 30 out of 50 major Iranian companies in the last three years. 

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